February 11, 2018

Summer Course 2019

What do you call a blind Swedish kid in a wheelchair? By his or her name of course. In Lund we take care of our disabled people! How you say?

Rehabilitation engineering may be as simple as making observations of how everyday tasks are performed and making accommodation to prevent further injury or discomfort. During this course you will learn how different kinds of products can make the day easier for people with disabilities. With access to our workshops, 3D-printers and VR-lab you will get the chance to design and test your own prototypes which can be used to make life easier for those in need. Lund is the center of innovation!

What? You thought IKEA was the only thing in Sweden? Get ready for the full Swedish experience! Does hiking, midsummer parties, authentic Swedish sauna and an exclusive Nobel dinner sound interesting? Join us in Sweden’s city of students and vikings for an amazing course and life time experience! What are you waiting for?!

Here is the Survival Guide for the Summer Course 2019!