September 21, 2013

Engineering competitions

Engineering Competition EBEC


European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the biggest engineering competition in Europa and during 2013 over 6500 students participated. The project consists of competitions on three levels.

  • 83 local competitions
  • 15 regional/national competitions
  •  European final

In spring 2014 the local round of EBEC, EBEC Lund, will be organized by us in BEST Lund. You compete in teams of four people in either Team Design or Case Study.

Team Design is a practical competition and all the teams will build a device that is able to perform a given task.

Case Study is more of a theoretical competition and the teams will come up with the most beneficial solution to a given technical problem. The solution will then be presented in front of a jury.

The winner of the local round qualifies for the regional round and it will take place in Copenhagen. Here all the winning teams from the Nordic universities will compete against each other and the winner will represent the Nordic region in the big European final.


Last year, both the teams from Lund were present and competed in the European final in Warsaw. After the competition days and the jury had had their last discussions the winners were announced. The winners in both Team Design and Case Study were the teams from Lund! Talking about success!

Do you find EBEC exciting? Do you like to compete and want a new challenge? Would you like to represent Lund in the Nordic final? Then apply for EBEC Lund! The application will open after Christmas.